UMST Fundraising Auction

For the first time in several years, The University of Miami Sailing Team is excited to announce that we will be hosting a fundraising event next month!

Currently, we are primarily self-funded for all our travel and boat upkeep. The University of Miami only covers about 10% of our travel budget. Despite this our team is ranked #21 out of nearly 300 club and varsity teams in the country, with most of the teams ranked near us being fully funded by the schools or having significantly sized endowments to run team operations. Our goal is to raise enough money to hire a full-time coach, expand our fleet of 8 FJ sailboats to 18 FJ sailboats, and to travel to all competitive regattas we qualify for. If we can raise funds to expand our fleet, the team will be more independent with the ability to raise money through regattas and boat charters. If the team is able to achieve this goal and garner more support for the programs, we believe we could be national champions in the coming years.

The auction will take place on Sunday, April 16th from 6 pm to 10 pm at The Wetlab on Key Biscayne. The dress code will be cocktail/semi-formal attire. In the coming weeks, we will update everyone on some items that will be offered at the auction on the sailing team’s instagram stories and via email. Please click the link below to fill out an RSVP form and to purchase dinner tickets.

The Wetlab Location:

If you or your company is interested in donating any items or services, please contact Dominic Canonico at [email protected]. All items or services donated will qualify for a tax exemption due to the University of Miami’s non-profit status.

The University of Miami funds about half of our budget through the Student Activities Fund (SAFAC) and the Federation of Club Sports. These funds help to pay for our practice/facility expenses and travel within our district, including any championships. Expenses for travel to our out of district inter-conference events is funded solely through private donations. Traveling to New England or the Mid-Atlantic to compete against the best teams in the country is expensive, but it is extremely important for the development of our program.

Our team has recently launched a fundraising campaign to expand our fleet of FJs. The team currently hosts 8 FJs at the U.S. Sailing Center for hosting regattas and all practices. We are currently looking to expand that fleet to 12-18 FJs to accommodate out growing team. This increase in fleet size will allow us to have more boats at every practice, host larger fleet racing and team racing regattas, and charter our fleet out to other teams during the offseason. This fleet expansion will solidify the University Of Miami’s place as a competitive team in college sailing with one of the most beautiful sailing venues in the world.

The Coed and Women’s sailing team are seperate teams in the eyes of the University of Miami. You can donate to whichever team you prefer as most of the money will be shared for any travel and the FJ fleet expansion. To donate a  tax-deductible monetary donation to the Coed sailing team or Women’s sailing team please use the portals below:

Please email a copy of your donation receipt to [email protected] for our records and to receive a special thanks

If you would like to make a donation of hotel or airline points to the team, please email our President, Ashley Delisser, at [email protected]

Thank you for your support!

University of Miami Sailing Team

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